56K Technology

Question 1: I have an X2 modem, will I get 56K connections?

Answer: You will need to upgrade to V.90. 
Refer to your modem manufacturer for more information 
on any upgrades available for your modem. 


Question 2: I have a K56 Flex modem and I am only 
getting 42 Kbps. Why is it so slow?

Answer: The first being the quality of the modem itself. The most common factors 
that limit speeds are the phone lines; changes that your local phone company make 
to your lines, line quality at your location or between yourself and the location you are 
calling, simple line noise, even the distance to your phone company's switching office.
These conditions can also prevent you from getting a connection above 33.6K. Also, due to
current FCC regulations saying that the amount of electrical power on phone lines can not 
exceed a certain limit, this limits the current maximum modem speed to 53K
. Now, since 
56K technology is so new, the industry average for connection rates using 56K technology
is between 42 and 48 Kbps. There is nothing CVC Internet can do to increase this
Contact your modem manufacturer for further assistance or more information. 


Question 3: I have a 56K modem and can't 
connect above 33.6K, what's wrong?

Answer: See Questions1 and 2. Additional : There are some local factors
that can cause this. If you have a line splitter on your phone jack to allow more than 
one device to use the same line (i.e. fax, another phone), that can cut your connection rate
down. Also, in some situations where you have a second phone line. Some locations only 
have one copper pair leading into the building, requiring that the phone company install 
equipment to split the signal to provide for 2 different phone numbers. This renders your phone 
lines incapable of supporting 56K modem speeds, and can hamper 33.6K speeds as well. 
There is no work around unless you give up the second line.


Question 4: I have a K56Flex modem and can't connect above 33.6K, 
and my modem has K56Flex version 1.0 and/or V.90, what's wrong?

Answer: See Question 2.  56K technology is not standardized at this time 
and is still being refined.
There are different implementations of the V.90 standard 
that vendors are using, and it may be several months before all compatibility issues are 
resolved. CVC Internet can not guarantee complete compatibility with all modem types. 
Consult your modem manufacturer for further assistance.  



56K technology, in addition to the version information, depends on the
customer going only through *one* analog to digital conversion on the 
way to CVC Internet
. This is the case with most people. However, customers going 
through some channel banks, PBX's, etc., that have an additional analog to digital
conversion ("line side") will *NOT* work at 33.6 speeds. This is true for 56K, X2, 
and V.90. It is important to realize there is nothing that can be done about this.

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