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Web Error Messages - FAQ

403 Forbidden/Access Denied

The Web Site you requested requires special access permission, such as a password

404 Not Found

The browser found the host company, but did not find the specific document you requested.

To resolve this, make sure you typed the correct address.  The page may have been removed from the site, had the name changed, or been moved to a new location.

You might also try retyping the address, but leaving off the file name.  For example, if you were unable to find, try typing just

503 Services Unavailable

The Server for this Web site is too busy.

To resolve this, try viewing the page again after 30 seconds or so.

Bad File Request

An online form or the HTML code for an online form has an error.

Connection Refused by Host

This is a version of the 403 Forbidden error.  The Web site you requested requires special access permission, such as a password.

Failed DNS Lookup

The Web site's URL couldn't be translated into a valid IP address.  This error is common on commercial sites because the computers responsible for translating the IP addresses are overloaded.  This can also be caused by typing the wrong address.

To resolve this, retype the address, or try again later when Internet traffic might not be as busy.

Helper Application Not Found

You have attempted to download a file that needs a helper application, and the browser can't find it.

If you do not have a helper application, you can save the file to disk, and then obtain the helper application.

Not Found

The page that the hyperlink points to no longer exists.

Site Unavailable

Either too many users are trying to access the site, the site is down for maintenance, there is "noise" on the line, or the site no longer exists.  This can also be caused by typing the wrong address.

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