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How to Block Unwanted Spam Mail in Outlook Express

This will show you how to send unwanted mail to your
Deleted Files without seeing it in your Inbox.

1.    Open Outlook Express and open your "Inbox."  Click on the "Tools" menu located in the left
       hand corner of the program.  Select "Block Sender" from the menu.

Block Sender Step 1

2.    A window will appear telling you this address has been added to your blocked senders list.
      Select "Yes."

Block Sender Step 2

If you continue to receive the same message, only from a different sender here is another option to use:

How to Create Mail Filters in Outlook Express

This will help you set up filters for unwanted mail.

1.    Open Outlook Express and open your "Inbox."  Click on "Message" in the upper left hand
       corner of the program.  Select "Create Rule from Message."

Create Spam Rule Step 1

2.    In the "New Mail Rule" window, under "Select the Conditions for your rule" mark "Where the
       From line contains people," and "Where the Subject line contains specific words."  In the next
       section "Select the Actions for your Rule:" mark "Delete it."  Click on the blue section
       "contains specific words."

Create Spam Rule Step 2

3.    The next window will ask you to type in the words or phrase you want to add to the mail rule.
       Type in the words (such as "100% Risk Free") you do not want to receive and click "Add."

Create Spam Rule Step 3

4.    The words you just typed will now appear in the lower box.  Click "OK" to continue.

Create Spam Rule Step 4

5.    A window will appear telling you the rule was successfully added.  Click "OK" to close the
       window.  You will then need to delete that message from your "Inbox."

Create Spam Rule Step 5

Beware of spelling and how these Spammers are wording things.  You will need to create different rules for each piece of Spam.  It is time consuming, but once you have created the rule, those messages should go directly into your "Deleted Files" box.

Don't forget to empty your "Deleted Files" box - it will start filling up fast after the filters are in place!


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