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Netscape Communicator Version 6

Please Note: Because this Version of Netscape still contains bugs which 
CVC Internet, LLC is not responsible for please contact Netscape
(phone numbers and addresses listed below) 
for any technical problems you may experience. 

Also be aware, Netscape 6 defaults to AOL, which can cause the 
change of configurations to CVC Internet, LLC to be challenging. 
You may find the change of settings, may take more than one
time to complete. If you find this to be troublesome, you may 
want to try using Internet Explorer/Outlook Express instead. 

If you notice a difference in setup windows, please take the general 
information listed below and apply them in the appropriate windows.




1.) On the desktop (computer's main screen), double-click on the Netscape Communicator icon (setup does not require an Internet connection).

2.) In the Netscape Communicator browser window (the first main window to open), click on the envelope icon located on the bottom left-hand side of the window (example below).

 Netscape 6, Step 1

3.) In the Netscape Mail window, click on the Edit Menu (located at the top of the window), and select Preferences (sample window below).

Netscape 6, Step 2

4.) In the Preferences screen, Category menu, click once on the Navigator option. On the right-hand side of the Preference window, Navigator screen, complete the following steps (example below):

At the bottom of the Preferences screen, click on the OK button. 

Netscape 6, Step 3

5.) In the Netscape Mail window, click on the Edit menu (located at the top of the window) and select Mail/News Account Settings (sample window below).

Netscape 6, Step 4

6.) In the Account Settings screen, click on the New Account button (example below).

Netscape 6, Step 5

7.) In the Account Wizard, New Account Setup screen, select ISP or email provider, then click Next (sample window below).

Netscape 6, Step 6

8.) In the Account Wizard, Identity screen, enter the following (sample window below):

    Click the Next button. 

Netscape 6, Step 7

9.) In the Account Wizard, Server Information screen, complete the following (example below):

At the bottom of the Server Information screen, click Next

Netscape 6, Step 8

10.) In the Account Wizard, User Name screen: enter your CVC Internet username, if the the username is not showing (in lowercase, Do Not add, then click Next (example below)

Netscape 6, Step 9

11.) In the Account Wizard, Account Name screen: enter a name for this account (the name can be your real name or a general reference name, see below).

Netscape 6, Step 10

12.) In the Account Wizard, Congratulations screen, click on the Finish button (sample window below).

Netscape 6, Step 11

13.) In the Account Settings window, Local Folders menu, click once on the SMTP Server option.

14.) In the SMTP Server screen, complete the following (example below):

At the bottom of the Account Settings screen, click OK

Netscape 6, Step 12

15.) In the Mail window, click on the File menu (at the top of the window) and select Close

16.) In the Netscape browser window (the main window), click on the File menu (at the top of the window) and select Close.

Your Finished! For help in making an Internet connection, please refer to CVC Internet's Help Guide, How to Connect to the Internet. To learn how to use Netscape for browsing and e-mail, please refer to the Help menu/Help Contents section within the Netscape program. 

Please Note: Once your browser and e-mail are working correctly, Do Not Change Your Settings. Changing your settings can cause you problems!

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