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Outlook 2002 Setup - First Setup
Configurations for CVC Internet, LLC

If this is the first setup of Outlook 2002 please use the "Startup Wizard" 
with these instructions sheets, to help you establish your CVC Internet mailbox.  

If your Outlook 2002 has already been setup, please use" Resetting 
Outlook 2002" instruction sheets instead. 

Please Note: These instructions are for users 
who have experience setting up software programs.

If you notice a difference in setup windows, please take the general 
information listed below and apply them in the appropriate windows.




1.) Open Outlook 2002. If this is the first setup of Outlook 2002, a "Startup Wizard" 
should begin. Click the "Next" button to begin the setup process (example screen below).

* If an account has already been set up, please refer to the instructions for "Resetting Outlook 2002".   
Setup for Outlook 2002



2.) Depending on your previously installed Email program (if any), a screen may come up for 
"upgrade options". If you wish to upgrade, click (put a dot next to) "Upgrade from". If you do not with 
to upgrade
from your current Email program, click "Do Not Upgrade"
then click the "Next" button
  Example screen below.
Setup for Outlook 2002


3.) In the "Your Name" Screen, "Display Name" field, type in your real name 
or business name
. Once this setting is finished, click the "Next" button
Setup for Outlook 2002


4.) In the "Internet E-mail Address" screen, "E-mail Address" field, enter your CVC Internet e-mail address 
(make sure there are no spaces in the address and that the address is entered in the character case assigned 
to your account - such as all lowercase), then click the "Next" button (example screen shown below).
Setup for Outlook 2002

5.) In the next screen "E-mail Server Names", complete the following:

a.) "My incoming mail server is a": select "POP3" for the server.
b.) "Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server": enter (in lowercase, no spaces).
c.) "Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server": enter (in lowercase, no spaces).

Once these settings are complete, click the "Next" button.
Setup for Outlook 2002


6.) In the "Internet Mail Logon" screen, complete the following settings (sample screen below):

a.) "Account name" field: type in your CVC Internet username (do not enter your e-mail address and 
make sure the user name is entered in the character case assigned to your account -such as all lowercase). 
b.) In the "Password" field: enter your CVC Internet password (make sure to enter the 
name in the character case assigned to your account - such as all lowercase). 
c.) "Remember Password": if you want the mail program to remember your 
, click on the radio box to make this setting active.
d.) "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)"
do not select this setting.

After these settings are complete, click the "Next" button
Setup for Outlook 2002


7.) If you have a dial-up connection (modem), click "Connect using my phone line"
then click the "Next" button (example screen below).

Setup for Outlook 2002


 8.) In the "Dial-up Connection" screen, select "Use an existing 
dial-up connection"
, make sure CVC Internet is highlighted (i.e. blue) by clicking 
on it, then click on the "Next" button (sample screen below).
Setup for Outlook 2002


9.) In the "Congratulations" screen, click the "Finish" button.

Your done! For information on using e-mail, please refer to the "Help Menu" located within the software program.

Setup for Outlook 2002

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