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Save Password Check Box is Unavailable


This behavior can occur if you are not currently logged on to Windows.  If you click Cancel in the logon dialog box that appears when Windows is starting, your password cache list file is not opened, and your passwords cannot be saved.

This can also occur if you have installed Dial-Up Networking but the Client for Microsoft Networks has not been installed.


When you start Windows, do not click Cancel in the logon dialog box.  If you do not have a password, create a new one by typing it in the Password box, or create a "null" password by clicking OK.  If you create a "null" password, you are no longer prompted to log on to Windows when Windows starts.  Creating a "null" password does not prevent other people from accessing your computer, but does allow you to save your password when you are using Dial-Up Networking.

NOTE: Creating a "null" password does not allow you to save your Dial-Up Networking password if you are using user profiles.  Using user profiles prevents the Dial-Up Networking password from being saved.

To Check for or Add Client for Microsoft Networks:

Double click on "My Computer," double click on "Control Panel," and double click on "Network."  In the Configuration window check to see if Client for Microsoft Networks is installed.  If this protocol is not installed complete the following:


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