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 Save Money on Internet Services!

   Prepay Your Web Hosting Service & Save Money! 

Prepay Two Yrs. Web Hosting & Receive a 10% Service Discount
Prepay Three Yrs. Web Hosting & Receive a 20% Service Discount
Prepay Four Yrs. Web Hosting & Receive a 30% Service Discount
Prepay Five Yrs. Web Hosting & Receive a 40% Service Discount

Terms and conditions apply.  For more information contact
CVC Internet, LLC at or (866) 877-1188.

Earn Credit On Your Account - Become a Affiliate!

Refer a friend or family member to sign-up for Internet access, 
and earn a $5.00 credit toward your CVC Internet Service!

For details please contact CVC Internet, LLC at or (866) 877-1188.

Referrals must establish and retain an active (paid) account for a two month period before credit is applied to the Affiliate's account.  Referral credit is forfeited if the referral deactivates service before retaining a full year's service with CVC Internet, LLC.  A referred customer can not be a current referral for another Affiliate, or the credit will be voided.  In addition, the account name must be mentioned at the time of setup to receive the Affiliate credit. Affiliate services are subject to change without notice. 


Earn $25 Credit by Referring Friends & Family!

Refer domain hosting accounts to CVC Internet, LLC and receive a $25 credit on your account for each referral.  Plus, for each year your referral keeps continuously active (paid) account, you will receive an additional $25 credit on your account.  

For more information about CVC Internet's Reseller Program, please call (866) 877-1188, e-mail

Reseller and referral must have a continuously active (paid) domain hosting account with CVC Internet, LLC parked domain names do not qualify. Three referred accounts must be established and retain an active (paid) account for a two month period, before the referred credit is applied to the Reseller's account. Referral credit is forfeited if the referral deactivates service before retaining a full year's service with CVC Internet, LLC or if the domain account becomes inactive. Reseller credit can only be used once in any given 13 month period. A referred customer can not be a current referral for another Reseller, or the credit will be voided. In addition, the Reseller's account name must be mentioned at the time the reseller's account is set up, in order to receive the Reseller credit. Reseller services are subject to change without notice.


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